Our Team


Bob Hyatt: Coach

Married in 2002, to Amy, Bob is the co-author of two books from IVP, Ministry Mantras and Eldership and the Mission of God. His children include Jack, Jane and Josie. Bob helped plant a church community, The Evergreen Community, in 2004 in Portland Oregon. Beyond his family and pastoring, his passions revolve around coaching other ministry leaders towards Jesus-focused success in ministry- success being defined not by numbers but by clarity around and achievement of personal, spiritual and ministry goals. Bob currently lives in Boise, Idaho and serves as the Director of Equipping and Spiritual Formation for the Ecclesia Network.


Michael Kaspar: Coach

Michael enjoys serving leaders by giving the gift of being present. He is a face-to-face listener, asking curious questions to discover what God might be up to. Ultimately, he longs for others to be who God made them to be. Michael brings 15 years of experience leading leaders and teams in Christian non-profit and business. He also enjoys facilitating leaders to dream about what they can accomplish together which they could never accomplish as single organizations.

Michael has worked in more than 50 countries with hundreds of organizations and thousands of people in face-to-face and group interactions helping them determine their way forward connecting and contributing in the Kingdom. He holds a Business Systems degree from Taylor University. Currently, he serves as Director of Global Initiatives with visionSynergy, Catalyst for Ministry Collaboration with the Lausanne Movement and on a steering team for a global network of 180 organizations making disciples in Muslim majority contexts.

Michael lives in Newnan, Georgia, near Atlanta, with his wife, Lindsey, and their 4 children- Hadassah, Judah, Oswin and Redmond. 


Cyd Holsclaw: Coach & Spiritual Director 

Cyd Holsclaw’s greatest goal in life is to live as freely as possible in her true identity as an image bearer of God. She serves as a coach and spiritual director, bringing more than fifteen years of vocational ministry and asking meaningful questions along the way. She has also had ample practice learning to live a balanced, mission-driven life amidst multiple vocations as she has homeschooled her two sons during all those ministry years. 

Cyd currently co-pastors with her husband, Geoff, on the pastoral team at Vineyard North Church in Grand Rapids, MI, where she loves to proclaim good news while preaching and teaching. She also serves as a board member and coach with the Ecclesia Network, and as an Immanuel prayer facilitator.


Doug Moister: COACH & MMP Podcast Co-host

Doug Moister is passionate about helping pastors and kingdom leaders become healthy. He serves as the co-host of the Monday Morning Pastor (MMP) podcast and as a coach specializing in the health of leaders and house church structures. He brings over 8 years of experience in leading house churches. 

Doug and his wife, Mear, accepted the call to come on staff as the lead pastor at the Renew Community in Lansdale, PA in 2011. At Renew, he leads the Elder team, House Church Shepherds, casts vision, shepherds people, and cultivates a culture of taking kingdom risks. Besides his pastoral and preaching duties with Renew, Doug is a life long learner, a church history nerd, a coach in the community, and an enthusiastic fly fisherman.

Doug and Mear enjoy spending time with their kids and thanking God for all He has done and continues to do in the community.


Ryan Tate: Content Director

Ryan Tate loves to create. Whether developing a content strategy, making the perfect cup of coffee, crafting a custom wood cabinet, or stringing together a series of words, he has a propensity for creating with consistency, responsibility, and order. Ryan takes his role as a disciple of Jesus seriously, but he doesn't always take himself seriously. After spending 7 years as an engineer, then 4 years in pastoral ministry, and the last 5 as a Content Director, Ryan is deeply passionate about serving others with his time, energy, and heart.

Ryan lives in Tallmadge, Ohio with his wife, Kristen, and four kids—Ella, Benjamin, J.J., and Loralei. 


Jane Linton: Administrator

Jane is the Administrator for Kairos Partnerships along with Fresh Expressions US (freshexpressionsus.org) and the Ecclesia Network. She holds a BA in Political Science and History from Virginia Tech. Her passion is around organization and supporting leaders with their ministry. Jane and her husband Brandon have been married for 10 years and have three children- Alex, Luke and Claire. They reside in the suburbs of Richmond, Virginia.