“I’ve known J.R. Briggs for twenty years and in all of that time his thinking, speaking, and writing have been consistently clear as a bell. He has a heart for God and His Kingdom that is worked out in creative and engaging ways that calls people to listen, learn and be inspired. It just isn’t more of the same with anything that J.R. does.”

— Phil Collins, Ph.D. —

Professor of Christian Ministries, Taylor University 
Co-executive Director Taylor University Center for Scripture Engagement



“J.R. uses his considerable gifts as a mentor of missional leaders to strengthen and focus their formation. He reads our changing contexts critically and constructively and helps his conversation partners discover how we shall be Christ’s witnesses today.”

— Dr. Darrell Guder —

Theologian, missiologist and Professor Emeritus of Missional Theology at Princeton Theological Seminary

“My time being coached by J.R. was beneficial beyond words! In a few short months, he taught me to have the courage to say “no” to the things that don’t really matter and “yes” to the things that matter most. This made all the difference. I will forever be grateful for my time with him.”

— Dr. Winfield Bevins —

Director of Church Planting at Asbury Theological Seminary



“Asking J.R. Briggs to be my coach was one of the best decisions I ever made as a leader and pastor. From helping me develop healthy rhythms as a pastor to guiding our staff and elders through various organizational challenges, J.R.’s investment in me and my congregation has been invaluable. He has played a substantial role in me becoming the leader I am today, and I have and will continue to highly recommended him to other leaders.”

— Keas Keasler —

Assistant Professor of Christian Spiritual Formation Friends University, Wichita, KS

“J.R. Briggs has been my mentor and coach for the past 18 months J.R.’s ability to listen well, ask good questions, and speak into the context of ministry has not only helped me lead well in my area of ministry, but has also impacted me on a personal level as a follower of Christ. Through his transparent coaching and wealth of ministry experience, our leaders have been encouraged and emboldened for ministry.”

— Rev. Matthew Hill —

Associate Pastor of Missional Ministries, Community Evangelical Church, Sinking Spring, PA

“It has been a great privilege to partner with J.R. as he's spoken at numerous retreats and summer camp weeks. J.R. is incredibly gifted at creatively teaching God's Word and God's Kingdom through the use of Scripture, on-state illustrations, and modern day "parables." He has been – and continues to be - an excellent shepherd of people and an overwhelming blessing to our ministry.”

— Eric Rupp —

Program Director Miracle Camp and Retreat Center, Lawton, MI



“My coaching sessions with J.R. have provided wisdom, clarity, support and encouragement in my leadership development. He has the ability to ask insightful questions that both and challenge and encourage forward movement when I have felt “stuck” in a leadership challenge. He has also provided so many practical resources that I have continued to incorporate into both my own daily practices and my work with students. In a season of personal leadership transition, my coaching sessions have been invaluable in my ability to continue to grow and develop.”

— Jess Fankhauser —

Author and Student Development Professional at Taylor University


“J.R. Briggs has been of immense help in furthering the ministry of N.T. Wright Online, an online teaching ministry of Prof. N.T. Wright. I could not have imagined the number of contacts and the amount of great influence he has to both spread the word about what we are doing but also contacts with people with wise words to help with what we do. The growth of the teaching ministry of N.T. Wright Online over the past year is due, in part, to the work of Kairos Partnerships. We are very grateful for that.”

— Dr. David P. Seemuth —

Executive Director, N.T. Wright Online ntwrightonline.org



“J.R. Briggs is one of the most purposeful people I know. His well-honed skills of observation, discernment and insight he generously shares with others, for their own flourishing. He has a gift of being truly present, sensing the work of the Lord and providing ideas for ways forward, without coercion. Many lives, ministries and organizations have been transformed by the careful, humble wording of one question from J.R.”

— Mandy Smith —

Lead Pastor, University Christian Church Author of The Vulnerable Pastor

“J. R. Briggs is one of the most innovative and thoughtful kingdom leaders today. Whether in publishing, speaking, teaching, discipling, church planting, coaching, or consulting, his desire to see Christian leaders flourish is evident in everything he does. Kairos Partnerships has offered – and continues to offer - godly counsel, experienced coaching, excellent training, and creative solutions.”

— Dr. Derek Cooper —

Associate Professor of World Christian History Missio Seminary



“If you want to know where the church is going, ask J. R. Briggs. If you want a fresh, honest take on your leadership challenges, ask J. R. Briggs. If you want a fabulous ministry conversation over locally-roasted coffee, well… now you know what to do.”

— Kevin Miller —

Rector of Church of the Savior, Wheaton, IL
Former Vice President, Christianity Today

“I am thankful for the variety of ways J.R. Briggs has served Asbury University. J.R. is gifted not only in starting conversations, but also creating a partnership with us. His investment in each student and staff group left us deeply encouraged and meaningfully equipped in our work and lives.”

— Heather Tyner —

Assistant Director of Student Leadership Development, Asbury University



“There is no question that my personal life and the ministry I am part of are both healthier and stronger because of my coaching conversations with J.R.  He possesses wise insight and asks great questions, encouraging me to form my own opinions and make my own choices about situations.  But more than his skill in giving counsel, he has been a good friend. I highly recommend a coaching partnership with him.”

— Rev. Tim Knipp —

Teaching Pastor, Hillcrest Chapel, Vancouver, WA

“As young professional, I have greatly benefited from J.R.’s leadership, intentionality, and care through Kairos Partnerships. The coaching I’ve received has helped me navigate significant - and often difficult - vocational decisions. After each coaching call, I have found myself equipped with not only attainable and measurable action steps to help effectively respond to these questions but also the encouragement from a gifted man who walks faithfully with the Lord.”

— Isaac Bryan —

Head Coach, Cross Country and Track & Field, Eastern Mennonite University

“For over three years I’ve received coaching from J.R. Our coaching sessions have been a crucial component of my development as a ministry leader, and has helped shape the direction of our new ministry. J.R. provides wise insight, asks helpful questions, and has a unique ability to speak into situations - even if he is not directly involved. I would highly recommend coaching with J.R. for any ministry leader.”

— Dustin Leatherman —

Director, Eagles Wings Disc Golf Ministry



“I have had the privilege to partner with J.R. Briggs and his team in a variety of settings. They consistently bring a unique and important voice to all interactions: focused, structured and driving, balanced with grace and encouragement. I would personally recommend them for individuals looking for coaching, churches needing an outside voice, or organizations discerning a new direction.”

— Chris Morton —

Community Developer, Austin Mustard Seed (Austin, TX) Content Strategist at Morton Wordsmith