The 4 Postures of the Spiritual Leader of the Future (ebook)

The 4 Postures of the Spiritual Leader of the Future (ebook)


It is the posture of leadership that is often overlooked.

Much has been made about the actions, attitudes and thoughts of a leader, but few books address the importance of the posture of a leader. Our words and actions are crucial as leaders, but our posture has even greater potential. We often overlook posture and its power. Posture, of course, includes our non-verbal body language. But it’s more than that. If our content—our words and actions—communicate what we say and think, but it is our posture that communicates what we believe, value and prioritize. 

Join J.R. as he explores 4 postures for spiritual leaders and how these postures are key for growing into the leader of the future. With 4 statues found in downtown Philadelphia, PA as his inspiration, you’ll be challenged with new thoughts, reflection questions and resources to keep you growing in each area:

  1. The Posture of a Laborer (the hands)

  2. The Posture of a Scientist (the mind)

  3. The Posture of a Poet (the heart)

  4. The Posture of a Preacher (the ears)

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59 pages

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