5 Lights on the Runway (ebook)

5 Lights on the Runway (ebook)


Over the past fifteen years, as a pastor and leadership coach, I’ve had countless conversations with people who have asked me the ever-important question, “How can I know God’s will?” While there is no magic bullet, fortunately God is gracious enough to give us means by which we can lean in and discern. 

Have you ever passed a small regional airport at night? Maybe, in the midst of the darkness, you’re still able to see the bright lights on the airport runway. When we pass an airport at night we can’t always see an actual runway, but we know it’s there because we have indicators that point us toward the runway. 

In much the same way, God has given His people lights on the runway so we can begin to move forward with confidence believing there is a runway from which we can land or take off. God gives us five lights on the runway. 

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Includes 31 pages of content, questions for reflection, and additional resources.

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