Monday Morning Pastor



Monday Morning Pastor is a weekly podcast to encourage, equip, challenge and resource pastors and kingdom leaders each Monday morning. Monday is the most difficult and discouraging day of the week for most pastors and it’s the day pastors need the most encouragement and replenishment.

We want to tell and hear stories of hope and encouragement in the midst of this unique place in culture where the negative ministry stories seem to get all the airtime. Our hope is that these stories resonate with and remind pastors why we stay in the game. It is a podcast that gives pastors hope and a safe place to take off their collar, robe or tie and be people who need receive the good news on the day we feel most vulnerable.

Each episode will consist of conversations, interviews, resources and questions specifically developed for pastors and kingdom leaders. We’ll have a new episode loaded up each Monday morning (but you can listen on any day you wish, of course).

We invite you to join us and listen to the Monday Morning Pastor, where pastors can be people.

Why call the podcast Monday Morning Pastor?

On Monday mornings, a large percentage of pastors wake up feeling depleted, defeated, and overwhelmed. We know this because we are pastors and we’ve felt it. The vision behind this project is to offer an encouraging, safe and hope-filled space for pastors to engage in honest conversations around the effects and hazards of ministry.

We’ll be hosting conversations on topics pastors deal with frequently, but don’t often have the space to process them, such as self-care, depression, burnout, addiction, conflict, unique pastoral temptations, failure and more. 

Who are the hosts?

Doug Moister and J.R. Briggs served as co-pastors in for eight years in the greater Philadelphia area and share a deep sense of passion and calling to encourage and equip pastors and church leaders for health over the long haul.

Monday Morning Pastor is an extension of the mission of Kairos partnerships as it seeks to help pastors flourish and kingdom leaders be healthy. Pablo Picasso said, if you want to change the culture, tell a better story. That is what we hope to do: tell better stories of pastors who are staying faithful, living in health and not giving up on the Church. We hope this will be an encouraging space to challenge, inspire, recharge and resource pastors throughout North America and around the globe.


What will Monday Morning Pastor cover?  

Each episode of MMP will include interviews with pastors who are in the trenches and leaders who care deeply for pastors, as well as questions and resources to equip the soul of a pastor. Pastors need to hear that we are not alone and that there is hope. In essence it is a podcast dedicated to and for those who are called pastor people in a local congregation. We laugh and cry, remind each other we’re not crazy, and remind ourselves that God loves us for who we are, not because of what we do. We want to encourage the soul of pastors who feel the burden of ministry most intensely on Mondays.

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