S1E17 - A.J. Swoboda –Legos, tears, and the dark night of the soul

The final episode for season 1 of MMP is here, and it’s a powerful one!

We invite A.J. Swoboda into a conversation about transitions, temptations, preaching as pornography, Legos, tears, the interior life of a pastor, and the dark night of the soul. This interview puts into words what so many pastors experience but fail to find the language to express. At the onset, we envisioned this podcast as creating a safe place for Pastors to be people, and we are deeply grateful to our friend A.J. for going deep with us. We look forward to the fruit of his vulnerability.

Resources: Books by A.J.


  1. From what A.J. shared on the podcast, what are a few things that you should or should not be doing moving forward?

  2. Who is one person that might benefit from hearing this episode, and would you consider sharing it with them?

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Season 2 of MMP launches in September with a whole new round of interviews and conversations.

Joel Limbauan