S1E16 - A look back on the first 15 episodes and a vision for the future of MMP

Doug and J.R. catch up and talk about the summer, momentum, attendance and ways to grow your church… just kidding about growing your church. But J.R. does know Phil Collins..  We look at lies we are tempted to believe during the summer and talk about how to use the time wisely to get ready for the fall. Later in the show the they wrap up the first 15 episodes with reflections on how they and others have been encouraged, equipped and challenged by the Monday Morning Pastor.  We end the conversation with what we desire to see happen with MMP in the future.  We will be taking a break for the month of August, but we will be back in September. 

We have had such an amazing time doing this so far and we want to take a minute and thank all of you for listening in, sharing, and encouraging us along the way.  We are grateful for all of our guests and lastly, would love it if you all would leave us a review, share this podcast with friends and let us know things and topics you all would want us to look at come September.  We cannot wait to see this thing grow but we need your help.  

Grace and peace 

Doug and J.R. 

Joel Limbauan