S1E9 - Information does not equal transformation: a conversation and invitation from Doug and J.R.

Doug and J.R. talk about transformation as more than information. They also share some simple practices to keep one fresh and growing. Lastly this episode is an invitation to plan and have a DAWG day (Day Away With God) and send us a reflection that we can share with the MMP tribe. So here are the details.

DAWG day

Plan for and spend time in a four-hour off-site prayer and silent reflection retreat day without interruption, noise or to-do lists. It is best to be away from home, work and/or church office and make sure to find a location that will be interruption-free and quiet for the entire four hours. Do not take the phone, screens, music and/or any other technology along during the DAWG day. (not even take a Bible, notebook or journal.) To be clear, this retreat is not a day to do work, make plans, catch up on work or be productive. This is a day specifically designed for you to spend unrushed and quality time in order to be fully present and accessible to God for one four-hour chunk of time.

After completing the four-hour retreat time, We would love to hear some reflections to share with the MMP tribe. Send us an email at dougmoister@gmail.com if you want to remain anonymous let us know.


J.R. is giving away 25 copies of his book, Fail: Finding Hope and Grace in the Midst of Ministry Failure to the first 25 people who write a review on our itunes page. To get a free copy of J.R.’s book, all you need to do is write a review, and then email Jane@Kairospartnerships.org your address and we will get it out to you

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Joel Limbauan