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Funding the education of 100 pastors at Bible schools/seminaries in poor countries and regions of the world that are hostile to Christianity.

Hall of Tyrannus Initiative


O God, let me make a difference for you that is utterly disproportionate to who I am.
— David Brainerd

Our Big Dream:

To fund the entire education for 100 pastors at Bible schools/seminaries in poor countries and regions of the world that are hostile to Christianity.

The Quick Facts:

Total cost of the Hall of Tyrannus Initiative for the next two years: 

  • $48,000 — 50 pastors for 2 years in India

  • $24,000 — 50 pastors for 2 years in Pakistan

  • $3,000 — trip to India to teach at the school and attend graduation 

  • $3,000 — trip to Pakistan to teach at the school and attend graduation

  • $10,000 Operational, administrative and logistical costs to run HTI

Total Need: $88,000

Kairos Partnerships’ Commitment

In addition to being a passionate advocate for this Initiative, Kairos Partnerships is making three initial financial commitments: 

  1. 5% of funds received for services offered through coaching, speaking, writing, speaking, equipping/training, consulting, etc. toward the Hall of Tyrannus Initiative.

  2. All speaking honoraria that is received when I guest preach on Sunday mornings at other churches.

  3. 100% of all publishing royalties received from the sales of The Sacred Overlap (releasing from Zondervan Publishing soon) will go directly to HTI.

What was the Hall of Tyrannus?

While it’s never been found, the Hall of Tyrannus is the location where the Apostle Paul trained early Christian leaders who wanted to follow Jesus and lead churches. I’ve always been fascinated by the Hall of Tyrannus. In fact, I’ve thought many times how the mission of Kairos Partnerships is similar to what Paul was doing in the hall: training, equipping and encouraging current and future leaders of the Church. 

“Paul entered the synagogue and spoke boldly there for three months, arguing persuasively about the kingdom of God. But some of them became obstinate; they refused to believe and publicly maligned the Way. So Paul left them. He took the disciples with him and had discussions daily in the lecture hall of Tyrannus. This went on for two years, so that all the Jews and Greeks who lived in the province of Asia heard the word of the Lord

Acts 19:8-10

In Acts 19 we read people were obstinate about Paul’s message and tried to malign (persecute) followers of Jesus. So he decided to teach them the way of Jesus elsewhere, in the hall. And because of it, word spread throughout Asia. So it makes sense we call this the Hall of Tyrannus Initiative since people are currently persecuting Christians because of their message.

Why fund the education of pastors in Asia?

I’m graduating from Missio Seminary with my Doctor of Ministry degree in June 2020. Sometimes it is customary for graduating students to receive gifts or cash from others congratulating them on their accomplishment. I am not a gift guy – not at all (if my family didn’t get me presents at Christmastime I might not notice). However, as I plan to graduate with my doctorate in June of 2020, I’m not going to lie: I definitely want gifts and cash. I want a huge pile of it. It may sound selfish, greedy and unabashedly direct, but there’s something you need to know. I want lots of graduation gifts and cash and I don’t want to keep a dime of it for myself. I want to use that money to fund the education of 100 pastors at Bible schools/seminaries in India and Pakistan.

You’ve heard the adage you can give people fish or you can teach them how to fish. There are two fishing ponds we’ve identified. And on the shore of these ponds are dozens of leaders who are eager to learn how to fish. We have identified people who want to teach others to be fisherman. But there’s one major obstacle in the way: these eager learners do not have fishing poles or the ability to pay for fishing equipment! How will they be taught how to fish?

In the spirit of Paul’s actions in Ephesus at the Hall of Tyrannus, we get a chance to thrust this vision forward of seeing poor and persecuted pastors and missionaries be equipped in ministry so the gospel can spread throughout India and Pakistan in modern day Asia. 

** Both Pakistani and Indian Christians are heavily persecuted for their faith in Christ. It is so very important to train up leaders in these countries where strong faith is a must to survive as a Christian.

Which Bible schools/seminaries are we supporting?

We’ve identified two special “fishing ponds” — one in India and one in Pakistan — that are ripe for training pastors.

[1] School in India

The purpose of the school is to provide training for those who are called to enter ministry and further study for those already in ministry, and to do so without cost, for students who have no resources. The emphasis of the training is on evangelism, village ministry, church planting, and making disciples. The school motto is “Know Jesus, make Him known”. 

During the first year, the focus is mainly on scripture. For the second year, it shifts a bit more toward practical ministry training.

Cost for each student: $40/month ($960/per pastor for two-year program)

*With this, it would take $48,000 to fund 50 pastors for their entire Bible college education.

Waiting list/classroom size: 

  • The current class is 25 students, who finished their first year this April and are ready to begin their second year as soon as funding is available. We would need to have at least 15 students enrolled in order to hold classes.

  • There are also another 25 new students waiting to begin study. We could accommodate both classes at once, for a maximum of 50 students at a given time.

[2] School in Pakistan

The emphasis in Pakistan is the same as in India, on evangelism, making disciples, planting churches, apologetics, etc. Right now classes are offered three days a week in class rooms and there are two days per week in the field doing village ministry. The total curriculum is also two years.

Cost for each student:  $20/month ($480 per pastor for two-year program)

*With this, it would take $24,000 to fund 50 pastors for their entire Bible college education in Pakistan.

  • They also study 10 months out of the year, with two months summer break.

  • The cost is less than in India, and this is mostly because they are not living on campus and are responsible for their own room and board.

Waiting list/classroom size: 

  • Right now we have another 13 students on the waiting list in Pakistan that want to study, but we do not have the monthly budget to cover it.

  • The classroom could hold about 45 students total.

  • We need to have at least 20
    students to hold classes at the current costs.

How Can You Get Involved?

[1] Give: there are two ways to give 

  1. Sponsor a student. Donors can commit to sponsoring a student in India for $960 or in Pakistan for $480. Sponsors will receive a picture with name and location of the student/pastor and possibly the opportunity to communicate with them on occasion.

  2. Give a special gift or one-time gift to HTI to cover overall costs (see budget listed above).

  3. Online giving is submitted and received through our partnership with Independent Church in India.

[2] Advocate and share

Any opportunity to share the vision with others—whether word of mouth or on social media—would help tremendously. 

[3] Commit to being a prayer partner for the Dean, the instructors and the students. 

[4] Visit the schools in India and Pakistan

If you’re a pastor or teacher and want to become a visiting lecturer at the school, let’s talk. There is an openness from the schools for this to happen. 

Become a Sponsor or Give a One-Time Donation

Complete the form below to start the sponsorship process or for a one-time donation of your choice.

After completing the form you will receive instructions on how to submit your giving online for either a full student sponsorship ($960 India / $480 Pakistan), or for your one-time donation.

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