Bob Hyatt


BOB HYATT: Coach at Kairos Partnerships

Married in 2002, to Amy, Bob is the co-author of two books from IVP, Ministry Mantras and Eldership and the Mission of God. His children include Jack, Jane and Josie. Bob helped plant a church community, The Evergreen Community, in 2004 in Portland Oregon. Beyond his family and pastoring, his passions revolve around coaching other ministry leaders towards Jesus-focused success in ministry- success being defined not by numbers but by clarity around and achievement of personal, spiritual and ministry goals. Bob currently lives in Boise, Idaho and serves as the Director of Equipping and Spiritual Formation for the Ecclesia Network.

Are you feeling stuck, lonely, discouraged, or under-resourced as a kingdom leader?

At Kairos Partnerships, we believe kingdom leaders should have clarity in their calling and be equipped with resources to help them navigate kairos moments as they pursue healthy leadership. If you answered “yes” to the question above, Bob Hyatt and the coaches at Kairos Partnerships have walked alongside leaders just like you on their journey.

Leadership is hard—don’t do it alone. Let us know how we can help …

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