Studies continue to reveal that leaders who participate in coaching are more effective and exhibit long-term vitality in their personal lives. 

Coaching is a purposeful and focused relationship that encourages a healthy rhythm of reflection and action in a leader’s life. Coaching encourages leaders in areas where they may feel stuck or overwhelmed. With the help of the Holy Spirit, the coach’s purpose is to help the leader get “unstuck” by active listening, incisive question-asking, resourcing and reflection.

Coaching is not telling a leader what he or she should be doing. Instead, coaching seeks to frame situations by asking questions and inviting the leader into deeper reflection about their life and leadership in order to bring clarity to their context by drawing out of the leader what he/she already has inside of them.

The process: We work with leaders in increments of ten coaching sessions. Each coaching session is one hour with sessions held approximately every 3-4 weeks. Most often, topics for reflection are generated by the leader (not the coach) for maximum ownership and learning. Sessions can be conducted via phone, videoconference or in person (if feasible).

Over the past several years we’ve had the privilege to serve dozens of pastors, church planters and leaders in a wide variety of fields (education, law, athletics, business, etc.) through our coaching process.

Contact us if you have questions or to request further information or the next steps to pursuing coaching.